CFRTP/FRTP (Carbon Fiber Reinforce Thermoplastic) Advantage

  • Reformable
  • Shorter Cycle Time
  • Smooth & Good Surface Quality without any putty material.
  • Recyclable, GREEN Material
  • Tough and High Impact Resistance
  • Compatible with other process. i.e. Over-molding, Welding, Stitching etc.

Resin options we are using:

  • Polypropylene ( PP )
  • Polycarbonate ( PC )
  • Polyamide ( Nylon, PA )
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethanes ( TPU )
  • Polysulfone ( PSU )
  • High Temperature Plastic ( PPS, PEEK…. Developing )

CFRTP/FRTP(Carbon Fiber Reinforce Thermoplastics) vs. Thermoset Composite

Design Review

Received CAD file from Customer :

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • DFM Review (Design for Manufacturing)
  • Final 3D printed sample review & discussion
  • Drawing Frozen
  • Tooling Kick-off

Process Planning & Setup

According to different products geometry, Euro-ACE would select the most effective process to produce.
Here is one of the process examples:
Euro-ACE Equipment:

  • High Speed Cutting Machine for Prepreg and Sheet
  • Hot Forming Machines
  • Robots / CNC Trimming
  • 5-Axis Tape Winding Machine

Tooling Design & Manufacturing in-House

To keep developments in confidential, Euro-ACE designs and manufactures tooling in-house. Moreover, the tooling lead time can be shortened and well controlled.

Test & Validation

EURO-ACE designs validation fixture in accordance with customer’s product specifications and requirements.

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Hardness Tester
  • Helmet Testing Machine etc.